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Sea bass fly fishing at its best in South Brittany

South Brittany has many estuaries to sight fish for bass and a very nice coastline to target bass from my boat as well. 

Both experience are different and complementary.


Sea bass from my boat

Since 2018, I have started to fish and guide for sea bass from my Carolina Skiff which is especially outfitted for fly anglers. 

Large plateform on the bow with trolling motor, and a quiet but fast 40 horsepower engine on the rear. 

The perfect boat for targeting sea bass on the fly on the coastline and estuaries

Nice ride on the water

Sea bass paradise



Sight fishing for sea bass

Brittany has a large number of estuaries where I have experimented and experienced sight fishing opportunities for large sea bass from 2 to 10 pounds or more! It is truly a unique experience for any fly angler.

Targeting large bass

A real challenge

Pure adrenaline

Sight fishing for sea bass .JPG
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