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Fly Fishing for sea bass from my Carolina Skiff

Since 2018, I have fished and guided for sea bass out of my Carolina Skiff which is specifically outfitted for fly anglers. 

Large plateform on the bow with trolling motor for discrete approach, and a quiet but fast 40 horsepower engine on the rear to reach quickly the best spots. 

The perfect boat for targeting sea bass on the fly on the coastline and estuaries


Fly fishing on the coastline of South Brittany

Season: May until end of October

Finistère has a very long coastline where it is possible to go after sea bass from my skiff. 

Rocky point, beaches, and bays are providing interesting spots where sea bass is seaching for food. Using streamer on floating, intermediate and sometimes sinking lines sea bass from 35 to over 65 cm (1 to 2 kg) are usually numerous when they are active and feeding on baitfish.

Beautiful scenery

Ride on the sea

Entertaining fishing


Fly fishing in estuaries

Season: May until end of October

Most of our rivers flow down to the sea and create rias and estuaries where sea bass come to feed from April to end of November.

It offers protected area when the sea is too rough for fly fishing and simply when the fishing is rather better in this environment than out on the coastline.

Beautiful surroundings

Large sea bass population

Great option with coastline fishing

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