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Sight Fishing for sea bass in estuaries

Season: May until end of October

What is the nicest way to catch any fish? 

Sight fishing obviously! 

Brittany offers great opportunities to fish sea bass at sight in some of the best estuaries in France and probably Europe.

A great sport and challenge to any advanced fly angler.


Amazing action and pure adrenaline

Brittany has a large number of estuaries where I have experimented and experienced sight fishing opportunities for large sea bass from 2 to 10 pounds or more! It is truly a unique experience for any fly angler.

A great sports

Trophy sea bass opportunities

Unique in Europe


Saltwater fishing at its best! 

Fishing sea bass at sight is the best way to target large fish and have a lot of adrenaline shots! 

Using crabs and shrimps flies, the situation and technique are very close to saltwater fishing in any Caribbean destination. 

100 % adrenaline

A great experience and challenge

Best way to catch large sea bass

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