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Fly Fishing for trout in wild and preserved rivers

Brittany has a lot to offer in terms of trout rivers.

Different sizes, profiles and types of fishing are possible in my fishing location.

Either you want to just have a trout fishing day or learn new techniques such as Euronymphing, I will bring you to beautiful places off the beaten tracks.


Experiment fly fishing in some of the best rivers in South Brittany

Season: Mid-April to mid-September

Finistère holds more than 4500 km of first class rivers which give us a lot of choices!

I offer my fly fishing guide services in southern Brittany on a wide variety of rivers in the department but also on the Scorff (56), and sections that I selected for their potential, the beauty of the places but also their population of wild brown trout. It should be known that in southern Brittany, it has only been patrimonial management for many years which means that there are only 100% wild brown trout fisheries. Whether you are a beginner, confirmed or expert, I offer my services for all the techniques that fly fishing offers: dry fly, wet fly, streamer, or french nymphing,  ... Techniques that I practice since 1993 in France and abroad.

Dry fly heaven


Streamer, wet fly, dry-dropper


A great selection of rivers in South Brittany


Aven river

The Aven is a typical small charming river of Brittany. It flows between Scaer and Pont Aven. It is a small river, fairly fast because of a higher slope, with varied profiles offering a wide variety of stretches populated with beautiful wild brown trout. The dry fly fishing is best starting in April and offers great times throughout the season. French nymphing  can also be possible to catch many trout when they are less active on the surface. 

Trout stream.png

Ellé and Isole River

The area of ​​Quimperlé has a large river system, which offers a wide selection of rivers which are very interesting for wild brown trout fishing. The upper stretches of the Elle River is a good example of what southern Brittany has to offer with beautiful areas for trout, but also on the Isole river, its main tributary, a real paradise for trout fishing in a wild valley. These rivers offer a great diversity of landscapes, profiles, synonymous of a quality diversified fishing. 


Rivers around Quimper

Quimper, which is written "Kemper" in Breton means confluence. These three rivers are all different in terms of profile, width and length and allow to practice a varied fishing throughout the season. The magnificent stretch of "Stangala", located on the Odet River just above Quimper is a good example. Very beautiful sections with many blocks and good looking spots. In another style, the Jet River is a small river which flows peacefully and where the deep holes welcome beautiful trout and sometimes salmon. The Steir is a mixed river with beautiful currents, pretty pits and a very interesting varied fishing.


Scorff and others ...

The Scorff, flows in a valley near the Elle River, in Morbihan (56) and is very close and complementary. Between Pont Callec and Pont-Scorff, the sectors follow one to another and offer a great diversity of stretches populated with beautiful wild brown trout. The average trout size is generally higher on the Scorff than on the majority of Breton rivers. Whether dry fly, french nymphing or wet fly everything is possible. From mid-May until the end of the season, the beautiful specimens come out to feed. It's time to go on the water for action.

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